Style tips when wearing skinny jeans

We bet all of us have that trusty pair of skinny jeans that we wear all year round — summer, fall, winter, or spring. Well, a stellar pair of skinny jeans is surely a must-have for every wardrobe and will always remain as a must-have. Of course there are days when want to try those flared jeans out, or you might love how comfy those denim boyfriend jeans are, or might have imagined those refreshing denim cutoffs, but you will never ever forget your skinnys. Probably because it’s always reliable, easy to wear, and effortlessly chic.

Usually, the struggle is real when summer is coming and your wardrobe still revolves around jeans. But that was a long time ago. Just summer last year, many celebs and It girls, like Selena Gomez, Jasmin Tookes, and even Malia Obama were caught sporting their skinny jeans for nights out and errands. And they all looked fresh in their outfits.

Skinny jeans are certainly beyond trendy. This go-to fashion staple is certainly versatile and that’s another thing we love about it. It can be dressed up or down and a lot of good pairs are available in almost any budget. Perhaps the challenge might be how to change your look in skinny jeans so you won’t get stuck in a style rut? we all get like this from time to time.

With a little inspiration, you can style a great pair of skinny jeans and look different each day of the week.Keep reading for our top style tips ...........,,,,


TIP 1 Wear your skinnys with a long top 

Whatever your bottom is, it’s usually what on top that will make or break your outfit. For most women, the easiest way to pull off that look with tight pants is to balance it out with a volume up top. Tops that are loose or oversized are great options. You can also settle for tops with bold, brightly colored, quirky and busy prints. These are easy ways to let the attention stay on the upper part of your body. This option is certainly the best for summer when you want to stay away from those tight-fitting and dark-colored tops.

Another way to achieve this long-style tops is by opting to long outerwear. If you are curvy, a more polished outerwear such as a long vest will do the trick. While a long cardigan layered over a silky tank top can do wonders if you are in the skinny side.


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TIP 2  Choose the right pair of skinny jeans

First things first, ladies. If you are looking for something that you could use all-around, dark-colored skinny jeans are highly recommended. Buy a pair in dark blue or had this rich deep indigo color. Black is also a good choice if it suits your personal style. A pair of dark-colored skinny jeans is the most versatile bottom you can have in your closet because it polished, casual, and also sexy. So it is very easy to dress it up for work, dress it down for casual looks, or accessorize for night outs and dinner dates. Also, dark skinny jeans aren’t only great for its versatility but also for its awesome slimming effect. It has the ability to minimize lumps or bumps, if there any, on the lower half of your body.

However, if you plan to stock up on some skinny jeans in your wardrobe, you can go ahead and try on some different pairs. Never be afraid to explore and experiment. Go for those with leather-like effect, bright colors, vintage touch, and more. We say, you try white skinny jeans for summer ‘cause it can instantly add a refreshing vibe to your outfits.


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